In the Absence of Fear

by Fronz Arp

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My debut album release was a solo effort, entirely self-produced, recorded in a studio I worked at in Brisbane, Australia and guided by the legendary Sam Cutler (Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, ) who was my manager at the time


released May 1, 2007

All songs written and recorded by Fronz Arp
Cello on 'Big I' by Wayne Jennings

Special thanks to Sam Cutler



all rights reserved


Fronz Arp Brisbane, Australia

The strange machine which is Fronz Arp grinds like a tattered, angry little hurdy gurdy. With dramatic jaunt and seesawing melodies that have been compared to weird-pop wonders, such as David Bowie and Tom Waits

“...songs full of drama and action, designed to get pulses racing and yet still sounding both intricate and adventurous” Rave Magazine
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Track Name: Don't Adjust Your Eyes
Don't adjust your eyes
Don't trust your mind
You've never seen the world behind
The parasites and beasts
That pull the visions
From your viens
And don't walk away
Don't walk away
Who's turn to kick the Jews again
And in our wisdom blame
Condemn the chickens from our grain
Never to know
Always at home
Always after more
Never to show
Always alone
Always after more
Severed and cold
Never to hold
Couldn't shake the fascination
Of watching as you drown

You're safe with me again
I'm there lost beside you
You're safe with me and then
I'm there lost beside you
Fevered dormant grin
I'm all wrought and wired too
You're safe with me again

Turn the television up
To stop the buzzing in your head
But it won't stop until it's told
Or 'til your wife is cold and dead
Oh Avatar oh where were you
Oh glory be oh where were you
When all the children of the world
Will never grow above their moral ground
Track Name: NYC
Hello my sweet love don't you burden me today
It's been so long since you were home again today
But have you never wanted more then you could wish for
To hold it in your hands and be the one on show my love
Hello my dreamer would you paint the world to say
That you had made a better life again today
'Cause it's been years since I believed or made believe

Of a time unbroken
Of a world beholden
Of a life more worthy

It's like the rain that is falling down around me
It's like the people are calling out to see me
It's like New York is coming out to greet me
It's like heaven is falling down
Is calling down

Hello madonna don't you look at me that way
I never said that I'd be there again today
'Cause you know that I've been searching for so long

For a day unbroken
For a word unspoken
Of a life more worthy

How could you not see your life as burdened
How could this be anything but on and on
How could this mean anything to me
When you know that I've been searching for a deeper meaning
And it's taking up my time
It's taking all my time

Hello my sweet love don't you burden me
Cause I've been looking for the right way
But I can't seem to see around
All the broken hearted people living
In the world around me
But I can't live this way
Track Name: Big I
There's no more time
Your bohemia is cancer
On your industry
Expiate lest I bring
Machines of war to bear
On all that you hold dear
Big I

Oh saviour led
By false design
Entreat our sacrifice to long
Of scion wreath
In glycemic throws
To beat the flames from off your spine

Big I

Is this the end of the world

Big I
Track Name: A Deal Cut By Fools
Mourning in the evening
Down the hallways of my life
On the day that I was born
A little boy fell from the sky
Well now Mr Truman
We sure did shake the world
We leapt ahead before our time
Under liberty's word
Now there's half a million reasons
I feel safer then I should
Do you recall the horse that bore
The calling bird away
As an Alabama bus ride
Bore the judgement of a race
My Daddy said "God loves you
But he'll take eye for an eye
But don't poison him with wanton needs
To save who's on your side
A deal that's cut by fools
Will bring you troubles in your time

A dream walked through the valley
To the warrior of our peace
The red took victor charlie
So we blew him off his feet
Farewell Mr Johnson
Did we make this hill our home
And clothe the beds in stars and stripes
And blood of lucky one's
And if I go down before my time
Please tell my wife we won

I can't help falling into times
When kings will fall in peace
The wings of bird and butterflies
Cause hurricanes to peak
It seems to me that shaking hands
Are fair a price for some
But ghosts still point their fingers from
The eyes of everyone
Years could fall like leaves
Across the cradle of my son

Seeds will grow like mirrors
My boy donned his army grey
And I watched with trepidation
As his ship was sailed away
The only thing worse then a father
Outliving his son
Is the sleeples night before you tell
His daughter that he's gone
If I grow old before I die
Please don't let me go alone